Bullough, J.D., N.P. Skinner, and K. Sweater Hickcox. 2013. Visual task performance and perceptions of lighting quality under flickering illumination. Journal of Light and Visual Environment 37(4): 189–193.

doi: IEIJ130000510

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Petteri Teikari, Hemi Malkki , Benjamin Lochocki and Kate Sweater Hickcox.   Arduino-based LED stimulator system for vision research.

doi: 10.1167/13.15.55   Journal of Vision January 1, 2013 vol. 13 no. 15 article P20

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Published 2013

The publication provides multi-family housing owners and facility managers with a clear, concise guide to selecting LED replacement lighting products for common lighting applications found in multi-family housing, including building common areas (lobbies, hallways, and community rooms), apartment kitchens and baths, and exterior lighting.

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Published April 2013

This volume of ASSIST recommends offers recommended parameters for lamp dimming based on users’ expectations for how a light should dim and is suitable for all light source technologies.

Volume 12, Issue 1: Dimming: A Technology-neutral Definition


Sweater Hickcox, K., N. Narendran, J.D. Bullough, and J.P. Freyssinier. 2013. Effect of different coloured luminous surrounds on LED discomfort glare perception. Lighting Research and Technology 45(4): 464–475; doi:10.1177/1477153512474450.

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K. Sweater Hickcox ; N. Narendran ; J. D. Bullough ; J. P. Freyssinier; Effect of different colored background lighting on LED discomfort glare perception. Proc. SPIE 8484, Twelfth International Conference on Solid State Lighting and Fourth International Conference on White LEDs and Solid State Lighting, 84840O (October 15, 2012); doi:10.1117/12.968192.


Bullough, J. D., N. P. Skinner and K. Sweater Hickcox. 2012. Visual performance and perceived lighting quality under flickering illumination. Light Sources 2012: Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting, June 24-29, 2012, Troy, New York, pp. 375–376. Sheffield, UK: Foundation for the Advancement of the Science and Technology of Light Sources.

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Bullough, J. D., K. Sweater Hickcox, T. R. Klein, A. Lok and N. Narendran. 2012. Detection and acceptability of stroboscopic effects from flicker. Lighting Research and Technology 44(4): 477-483.


Published  May 2012

Volume 11, Issue 1: Flicker Parameters for Reducing Stroboscopic Effects from Solid-state Lighting Systems


Sweater, K. What is the impact of new lighting technologies on the consumer? Presentation given at Low-Income Forum on Energy, May 22, 2012, Albany, NY.


Bullough, J. D. and K. Sweater Hickcox. 2012. Interactions among light source luminance, illuminance and size on discomfort glare. Society of Automotive Engineers International Journal of Passenger Cars – Mechanical Systems 5(1): 199-202.


Bullough, John D., Kate Sweater Hickcox, N. Narendran. A Method for Estimating Discomfort Glare from Exterior Lighting Systems. ASSIST, LRC.

Published April 2011

Volume 9, Issue 1


Bullough, JD PhD, K Sweater Hickcox, TR Klein M and Narendran N PhD. Effects of flicker characteristics from solid-state lighting on detection, acceptability and comfort. Sept 2011, Lighting Research and Technology Journal Vol 43, pg337-348

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