23 10, 2012

“Blue” Light Could Help Teenagers Combat Stress

"Blue" Light Could Help Teenagers Combat Stress   New Study from the Lighting Research Center: Short-Wavelength Light Enhances Cortisol Awakening Response in Sleep-Restricted Adolescents  Adolescents can be chronically sleep deprived because of their inability to [...]

16 10, 2012

Munsell interactive data visualization

The main problem is that the value component of HSV is just a measure for the physical lightness of color, but not for the perceived brightness. Thus, fully saturated yellow has the same "value" as blue. Beside of this strong hue-dependency of brightness, [...]

16 10, 2012

DARPA’s superheros use light to make things invisible?

Soldiers could one day conduct covert operations in complete secrecy, now that Pentagon-backed physicists have figured out how to mask entire events by distorting light. A team at Cornell University, with support from Darpa, the [...]

15 10, 2012

Weak Lensing distorts universe

From Nasa.gov: Intervening dark matter, which is normally invisible, might show its presence by distorting images originating in the distant universe, much the way an old window distorts images originating on the other side. By noting the degree to which background galaxies [...]

14 10, 2012

Winner Sylvan R. Shemitz Memorial Scholarship Competition 2011

About the competition: In honor of its founder Sylvan R. Shemitz, one of the innovative forces behind asymmetric lighting, The Lighting Quotient initiated a new student scholarship in partnership with the Illuminating Engineering Society of [...]