20 02, 2013

JK Rowling commencement speech Harvard

J.K. Rowling giving the commencement speech at Harvard. In this funny and interesting speech, she talks about life, success and failures.  "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that youmight [...]

17 02, 2013

Regeneration of visual system

“…once development was ended, the founts of growth and regeneration of the axons and dendrites dried up irrevocably. In adult centres the nerve paths are something fixed, ended, immutable. Everything may die, nothing may [...]

13 02, 2013

normal human retina and retinal vasculature

From Webvision: This beautiful image was made by James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center is an artistic rendering created from a fundoscopic of a normal human retina and retinal vasculature.

4 02, 2013

Vintage ABC interview with IDEO, innovative design process

"Enlightened trial and error succeeds, over the planning of the lone genius". Here is an excellent vintage ABC report. ABC asks the company IDEO to re-design the standard shopping cart. This is an excellent (3-part) inside [...]