25 10, 2013

Amazing light art dance

From LightNow Blog, "LA based performance group Wilderbe is pushing the technology behind light for a visually stunning experience. Recently, Wilderbe created new motion sensory technology in the form of a 30 ft by 14 ft LED screen that [...]

22 10, 2013

Light artist crush: Adam Ekberg

Photographer Adam Ekberg caught my eye, as his photographs are closely tied to lighting and space. Below are a few of his photographs and links to his personal website where you can see more. [...]

18 10, 2013

Turning old plastic into new filament for 3D printers

I recently printed my first 3D component using the Maker Bot at my local (awesome) maker space in Troy NY (The Tech Valley Center of Gravity). After attending a handful of maker events over the [...]

13 10, 2013

Great lighting at the Autodesk Headquarters

From Officesnapshots: Autodesk is a software company that develops 2d and 3d modeling software that over 10 million professionals use throughout the world. Their company headquarters in Waltham, MA was recently redesigned using their own [...]

2 10, 2013

Enlightenment in Holland

I live on Huygensstraat in Den Haag. I'm so excited because I happen to think Constantin and his son Christiaan Huygens are facinating. They actually lived in Den Haag, but there's no indication that they [...]