19 11, 2013

Light artist crush: Adam Ekberg

Photographer Adam Ekberg caught my eye, as his photographs are closely tied to lighting and space. Below are a few of his photographs and links to his personal website where you can see more.  Adam Ekberg -- [...]

11 11, 2013

Swing uses motion to generate light

Really cool project by Oporto- and Berlin-based collective Moradavaga. From DeZeen magazine, "As each swing moves back and forth, a bicycle chain attached to it turns a wheel which then turns a dynamo to activate the [...]

6 11, 2013

Eye Health: sunburned eyes?

Almost 10 years ago (hard to believe!) I worked at a small lamp shop in Brooklyn NY which focused on historic restorations and replications of some really incredible fixtures. We occasionally needed to hire extra welders when big [...]