I found this already funded crowd sourcing campaign for a new interior lighting design app called INNR, that you can use instead of working with a live lighting designer. I’m very curious to see examples of the app in application.

From the Kickstarter page:

Innr changes the way you experience lighting. Most of us still consider lighting in our home as a collection of lamps that produce light. But a collection of lamps doesn’t necessarily create good lighting. Innr isn’t about lamps. It’s about great lighting, for every moment and every activity in your home.

  • Ever wondered how all those glossy interior design magazines manage to showcase these beautiful homes with the lighting just right?
  • Ever been put off by the price of a professional lighting plan?

At Innr we believe every home deserves great lighting at every moment of the day. It’s why we’re here: to make great lighting accessible to everyone. Outside you’ve got the sun, inside you’ve got Innr.

Here’s the INNR website if you want to learn more