LED replacement lamps have been steadily increasing in quality of light, light output and efficiency over the past few years. As costs come down on these new technologies they become more and more viable for use in residential settings. In my experience, linear fluorescent LED replacement lamps are still behind the curve when it comes to residential applications. A recent “Product Snapshot” by LED Lighting Facts® showed that while LED A-lamp replacements and LED reflector lamp replacement met many of the standards that consumers require, linear fluorescent LED replacement lamps still have a lot of room for improvement.

Here are some results from the survey:

  • 67% of the currently listed LED linear replacement lamps did not meet the minimum performance levels for medium bi-pin (T8 & T12) lamps established by the standard
  • Since 2010, the highest output 4-foot linear LED replacement lamps have increased from 1800 lumens to 2200 lumens, still not meeting the typical 3000 lumens seen from a standard T8 linear fluorescent lamp.
  • 64% of the lamps used in the study had CRIs under 80, the typical performance level of linear fluorescent lamps.

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