Project Description

Tappan Zee Bridge Project

New York State Governor Cuomo has come up with a plan to replace the current Tappan Zee Bridge with a completely new bridge. According to his website, this is why we need a new bridge:

  • Over 138,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day, far more than it was designed to handle
  • Traffic jams and delays are a regular occurrence
  • The accident rate is double the average accident rate on the rest of the 574-mile Thruway
  • No lanes or shoulders for emergency vehicles or disabled vehicles, creating more traffic delays
  • Expected cost over the next twenty years for maintenance and structural rehab of the existing bridge: $3-4 billion
  • Amount already spent on bridge maintenance over the past decade: $750 million

I was asked to work with Howard Brandston, on one of four competing teams put together by the state, to work on a design for the new bridge. Here is a selection of work from the proposal (not chosen for the final design).