About the competition:

In honor of its founder Sylvan R. Shemitz, one of the innovative forces behind asymmetric lighting, The Lighting Quotient initiated a new student scholarship in partnership with the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. Designed for the future generation of lighting designers, engineers and architects, all second, third, fourth and fifth year undergraduate or graduate students in accredited lighting degree programs are eligible to apply.

Applicants must design the lighting according to the building criteria laid out that year, and using a set of plans provided by the Lighting Quotient. Submission must include the lighting plans, lighting fixture schedule and specifications. This year the plans were for a nursing home called “Top Health” which is located in West Haven CT.


From LightNow blog: “This scholarship means a lot to me personally,” said Allison Schieffelin, CEO of The Lighting Quotient. “Not only was it named in honor of my father, Sy Shemitz, who was an innovator in the lighting industry, but it is my belief that today’s students will transform this field, focusing on the art, practicality and environmental benefits of light.”

This year’s scholarship recipient is Kate Sweater, a student at the Lighting Research Center in in Troy, New York. She was selected as the winner thanks to her mastery of the art and science of lighting design, her well thought out approach, and thorough documentation of installation schedules and manufacturer cut-sheets.

“We received a number of strong, thoughtful submissions this year and felt Ms. Sweater’s lighting plan best encapsulated the creativity and strategic solutions lighting can bring to any given facility,” said Schieffelin.