27 01, 2013

Lighting Collector

Philips has a new app, called Light Collector. I think as a resource, this site could be very helpful, especially while conducting visual research for a specific project. I already have my own "light collector", [...]

25 01, 2013

Rogier van der Heide: Why light needs darkness

In this TED talk, "Lighting architect Rogier van der Heide offers a beautiful new way to look at the world -- by paying attention to light (and to darkness). Examples from classic buildings illustrate [...]

25 01, 2013

Surprising news about LED lighting in museums

According to an article in Lux Magazine, "scientists have discovered that the pigment featured in several famous artworks becomes unstable under LED lights". The article reports that scientists blame the spectrum of LED sources for [...]

21 01, 2013

ANCIENT history of opsins

Lucas Brouwers discusses research into the origins of animal vision, based on the history of opsins. Opsins exist in almost all animals, however they are not always photosensitive. Brouwers discusses the research of several [...]

17 01, 2013

Color’s true charm

I'm a big fan of Mark Changizi, also from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute! He has contributed a funny and interesting article on color to Discovery Magazine. Here he argues that our perception of color is [...]

16 01, 2013

Amalia Restaurant NYC

Amalia restaurant and night club was located at 204 West 55th street, NYC. The restaurant and club opened in 2007, and is now closed. Amalia is the most recent project I completed with Focus Lighting, [...]

16 01, 2013

Iris vessel crossing!

Beautiful photo and interesting article on this rare congenital iris vessel crossing. Fascinating: the article says the vessel "had no discernable effect on her visual acuity, although she had a sense of movement in [...]

14 01, 2013

Tappan Zee Bridge Project

New York State Governor Cuomo has come up with a plan to replace the current Tappan Zee Bridge with a completely new bridge. According to his website, this is why we need a new bridge: Over [...]

11 01, 2013

Linear fluorescent LED replacement lamps

LED replacement lamps have been steadily increasing in quality of light, light output and efficiency over the past few years. As costs come down on these new technologies they become more and more viable [...]

4 01, 2013

CRI’s partner in crime?

Illustration by Tang Yau Hoong A great review by ArchLighting of the history and purpose of the color rendering index (CRI) and the need for a better system for analyzing color from lamps: "Originally [...]