7 11, 2014

Light Art Crush: Caleb Charland

I love the work of this artist, photographer, light artist: Caleb Charland From an article in My Modern Met, "Caleb Charland demonstrates lessons in physics and mathematics with his mind-blowing photography. Inspired by children's books [...]

23 01, 2014

Light artist crush: Adam Ekberg

Photographer Adam Ekberg caught my eye, as his photographs are closely tied to lighting and space. Below are a few of his photographs and links to his personal website where you can see more. Adam Ekberg -- [...]

16 01, 2013

Iris vessel crossing!

Beautiful photo and interesting article on this rare congenital iris vessel crossing. Fascinating: the article says the vessel "had no discernable effect on her visual acuity, although she had a sense of movement in [...]