Project Description

Albany Barn Fundraiser

In late 2011, I volunteered to be the lighting designer for a fundraiser event for the Albany Barn.
This project had a total budget of $100.
The event was a fundraiser (theme was EXPOSED) for the Albany Barn, an organization whose goal is to redevelop the ex St. Joseph’s Academy building, located in a low-income area of Albany, into low-cost live/work residences for artist and 12,000+ square feet of multi-tenant creative arts work spaces that will contribute directly to the prosperity of the entire community.
Albany Barn’s name originates from the age-old practice of barn raising, when a community came together to build a barn—a structure vital to a family’s livelihood—for one of its households. In turn, that family would contribute to the prosperity of the entire community.
The event was held in the historic Albany Lakehouse, in Washington Park in Albany NY.